Sunday, 23 September 2018

Awkwardness & Meeting new people

Awkwardness & Meeting new people - 22/09/2018

So, tonight it is one of my best friends birthday get together. Whilst I know her and her family really well. One of her other good friends kinda okay, I feel so anxious about meeting the rest of them. 
I am usually okay if I meet new people after a glass of wine (Not the best option as I end up sometimes making a fool of myself or drinking too much or saying the wrong thing... or all 3!) 
I am sure my friends and family know that all too well. 

So as I was saying, I am meeting all these people tonight on a late in September evening, they will all head into town and being the person I am, my mental health has been up & down this week so I decided I wanted to come back to the flat and be greeted by the husband at a reasonable time as I don't know with the clubbing, dancing, coming home at stupid o'clock... Don't like the idea so much as above I said my mental health has slightly bad.

Today I have been busying myself with having baths, chilling with my husband and pampering myself. Nails on my hands and toes are actually matching for once! Trying to work out what to wear without being over dressed or under dressed. I do not remember how things work but I know everyone will figure out I am English and they are Irish... It won't be too awkward but I will worry they will talk about me after I leave, which people always do but ho hum I am trying not to care or worry.
I feel as if I am 14/15 years of age going to my first house party.. Sadly my husband can't come due to work and stuff so I have to be a big girl and suck it up! 
I am nearly 27 years old for the love of god.
Anyway, I will do my outfit of the day of course and show you my nails.. my straightened hair and you'll see my make up in the outfit of the day picture.
Behind that smile will be hiding a nervous wreck. 

I don't know if this is helpful or if anyone else feels like this in situations, I even get like this going to a new country, job, meeting family members or new people as I just described.
But honestly I am going to do mindfulness on the train and have my music playing to keep my mind from over thinking the situation. 
On a side thought: 
I might make more friends....!
   Sunday update: not too hungover but was a state last night.. 

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