If you wanna know more about me

Bit more about me

Favourite animal: Panda obviously!
But I also love foxes, platypuses, dogs, wild cats, hedgehogs, hippos, ducks and unicorns.

Favourite colours: Burgundy, Green, Navy, Yellow, Pink & Aqua

Where my favourite destinations are: Anywhere in Germany, I do love Paris and Amsterdam too. I also love Prague with the John Lennon wall. Really wanna go to Africa and Japan! I would love to go to the U.S and do a road trip but maybe when Trump fallen off the face of the earth, I will consider it.

Family: My husband Tom of course.
My mumma and her boyfriend. My sister, her husband & their little bubba along with the mad dog. My brother & his girlfriend.
Now.. my in law's, mumma and father in law.
My two brothers in law that I call brothers, just you guys are too cool. Would mention the rest of you but there are SO many but love ya all if you're reading this.

Favourite food: I love most things.. still trying to make myself like eggs

Favourite drinks: Sloe gin with bitter lemon, Wine, G&T, Cider, Spiced Rum, Lemonade, Coke or Ginger beer.. Oh and Prosecco! 

Dream job: Ambassador for a charity.

Hobbies: Reading, writing this blog, running, shopping, swimming occasionally, gonna try to learn to sew, gonna try to make jewellery too, adult colouring, gaming if I'm in the right mood and just chilling out in PJ's

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