Saturday, 19 May 2018

Disneyland Paris!

So I am sat here on a Saturday night, hubby is playing GTA 5 and
I am gonna tell you about Disneyland Paris.
We are also drinking some niiice wine..
Even if its a chardonnay but we did win it in a pub quiz!

So first things first, we stayed in one of the Disney hotels,
it was called Sequoia Lodge.
Was really lovely and had pictures of Bambi, Thumper and Flower.
Was cute! Nice and quiet, just what you want after long days at Disneyland.
We got everything a little cheaper than usual as it was the 25th anniversary!
Got breakfast and dinner/lunch included for 2 days too,
the Agrabah cafe was great for vegetarians so many beans and chickpeas
and yummy goodness to make you feel full (It was a buffet style restaurant)
that was what we had on our second day.
On the first night, we thought we would treat ourselves to a kinda posh dinner
with table service and really good looking menu, I had mussels to start
(Okay I am pescaetarian…)
The rest of the meal was really really nice, fresh and scrummy!
All in all the food was surprisingly nicer than I expected..
I honestly thought it was going to be like posh hot dinners.. It definitely wasn’t!  
The breakfast was just a croissant and pain au chocolat
(mini ones) hot drink and juice which worked out nicely and tasted lovely too.
I found out I actually like coffee now…
Anyone who knows me knows that I have not ever liked coffee…
Well flavoured milky milky sugary sugary coffee.

As we went in a quiet time, rides were max 20-30 minute
wait which was soooo goooooood! The weather was also really lovely
apart from a crazy 20 minute downpour of horrible rain
but you soon dried off once you got on other rides.
If I am honest, I expected a little more from the fireworks as it was the 25th anniversary..
But oh well! The Disney Parade was really good, we were right at the front and saw everything.
Just was so good to see it properly.
I also met Hook (I love the Steven Spielberg film Hook, so was pretty cool..
The character was a sarcastic bastard to me, was funny)
Me and hubby also met Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book,
we got hugs and lots of silliness. Was GREAT!

Both of us are totally exhausted from it though,
so we just chilled and didn’t do much at all today.
BUT on Sunday the Red Bull Flugtag is coming into Dublin,
in the town where we live soooo me, hubby and friends are going along to that..
Gonna be so busy but so fun! Probably end up in Wetherspoon.
Then… Back to life, back to reality on Monday,
I will be working all week! On Tuesday is hubby's Birthday
so hopefully I will have time to bake and make him a nice tea.

Anyway kinda going off topic so I’ll finish this here.

Pictures below of our little holibobs…

More of the parade!

Could stay there forever

Just random pictures here...

 It's a small world a very small world!
Love autopia, hate it's a small world!

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